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Storms are very common in our area of South Florida that we as a state cannot control. It is unfortunate that South Florida has these storms that can cause severe damages to homes and businesses, but as a community we are use to these situations and are prepared to cover the damages at any cost. With hurricane damages and flooding, our team at All in 1 Restoration Services is here to respond to your storm damage repair needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our crew of professionals at All in 1 Restoration Services have experience at providing homeowners and businesses throughout South Florida with wind and storm damage restoration services, flood cleanup, water removal, emergency board up, contents handling and restoration, and even water damage repairs that can cause major damages among the leaks you may find. Sometimes in the event of a major storm, part of your home or business may require reconstruction we can assure that All in 1 Restoration Services can take care of all your wind damage and storm damage restoration needs. We also take part in insurance payments and work directly with insurance companies by providing them any and all information needed processing your claim quickly and efficiently. Call us today for a free estimate! You will not be disappointed!

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Facts About Storm Damage:

  • Storms cause floods by rain, but flooding is more about how much rain falls, how fast it falls, and what happens to the rain after it hits the ground.
  • The most common type of flood that happens during a thunderstorm is a flash flood. Most flash floods are caused by slow moving thunderstorms, thunderstorms that repeatedly move over the same area or heavy rains from a tropical storm or hurricane. These floods can develop quickly depending on the intensity and duration of the storm, the topography of the area, soil conditions and ground cover.
  • Storm also cause wind damage which are more likely to be associated with thunderstorms than tornadoes. In fact, many confuse damage produced by “straight-line” winds and often erroneously attribute it to tornadoes. The source of the damaging winds is the downdraft within the thunderstorm.
  • A downdraft is a column of cool air that rapidly sinks to the ground that is usually accompanied by precipitation in a thunderstorm.

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All in 1 Restoration Services are professionals dedicated to responding immediately to any crisis.

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All in 1 Restoration Services cleans and restores your property using specialized equipment and cleaning techniques of the trade.

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